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As I See It-  by Larry Flinchpaugh

Compilation of the Flinchpaugh Gazette

Our country is ailing.  Many people can no longer disagree with each other, particularly on political issues, in a respectful manner and seem to hate people with views different from their own.   Their hate borders on a religious fanaticism of hate.  They can’t even discuss their differences without getting visibly upset. Most people just clam up and refuse to discuss politics.


The news media and Hollywood, over the last few years, have gradually increased the animosity against each one of us by showing such disrespect for others. It’s like the public has been trained to hate.  This clearly shows the power the media has in forming our opinions.  The “Prestitutes” are more interested in entertainment and ratings than in reporting factual news in a respectful manner.

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St. Joseph Missouri Memories

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                         "Should I Start my Own Business?

This book follows the various business ventures that Larry Flinchpaugh  has been involved in from 1963 to 2005.


It starts out by asking the question, “Why do you want to start your own business?” Sadly many people start a business for the wrong reasons and many lose a good portion of their life savings in the first year...


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                 "Secrets of Our Hidden Controllers Revealed"

Discover how the unelected controllers of our government control our lives and dictate what we do and think.  I dare you to read this book. If it doesn’t irritate you, I haven’t accomplished my objective to get your attention. Most people are simply too apathetic and too busy to get involved with new thoughts and ideas that would drastically change their out-dated opinions.


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                  "Against All Odds- President Paul Ronan"

This exciting story follows the lives of four members of the Ronan family, from 1859-2012, as they influence the American political system to once again establish a Constitutional Republic. In 1859, the protagonist, Sam Ronan comes to America from Ireland and becomes a telegraph operator in Philadelphia and shortly thereafter, he gets a job in Breckenridge, Missouri as a telegrapher for the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad....

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          "Letters Home From Civil War Soldier Charles Gamble"

These historic letters  were written in the 1860’s by Union soldier, Charles W. Gamble, to his wife and family during the Civil War. He bravely served with the 12th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, Company D. A carpenter by trade, Charles joined the Union Army in August, 1862 to, as he stated, “preserve the country and the Constitution.” Several times in his letters he frankly wrote that he might not come back home alive, but he was serving for a just cause... Click on book image for more...

                "Billion$ For The Banker$- Debts For The people"

Part One is a reprint of Sheldon Emry’s book, “BILLION$ FOR THE BANKER$-DEBTS FOR THE PEOPLE concerning the international bankers and the unconstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve System that, since 1913, has looted the citizens out of trillions of dollars. It was published without any copyright so it could be easily and economically distributed world wide. Mr. Emry clearly explains the simplicity yet evilness of the "Banksters" great scam against us. ...           Click on book image for more...

                                 "Growing Up in a Zoo"

This is a true story about Larry Flinchpaugh growing up and working for his parents in their privately owned zoo in St. joseph, Missouri in the 1940’s to the 1960’s. It includes many exciting stories and pictures involving the care and training of their pet chimpanzee, Vicky Lynn and the harrowing experience of one of their employees that was bitten by the deadly cobra and lived to tell about it...,

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Book collects memories of St. Joseph's past

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