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J.L. Flinchpaugh Publishing Co.       5002 Gene Field Road #14B St. Joseph, Missouri 64506
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J. Larry Flinchpaugh

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Welcome to my web site larryflinchpaugh.com

December 9, 2014


When I retired in 2005, I finally had the time to research answers to questions that I had been contemplating most of my life. Even at a young age, I dreamed of discovering a book that would explain (1) where I came from, (2) what was the purpose of my life and (3) what would happen to me when I died?  As I got older, it was important for me to once and for all decide whether I was an atheist, agnostic, Christian or something else. I wished to know who the bad guys were and who the good guys were in the Middle East.  Finally I wished to discover what was destroying our country and if I found out, was there anything I could do to help save it?


It was extremely depressing for me to discover the answers and even more depressing to see how little other people knew about what needed to be done.  Furthermore, there are many people who suffer from ignorance, apathy and laziness which makes the education process even more daunting.


I developed this web site to help educate and keep alive the movement for us to abide by the constitution and reinstate sound monetary policies.


I incorporated some entertainment features in the site to make the more serious sections a little more palatable.  One is the TV link on the top tool bar  which gives you easy access to hundreds of free TV channels.  Click Here

Larry Flinchpaugh


J L Flinchpaugh Publishing Company
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1931 Chevrolet Cabriolet- On the road again

September 1, 2017- On the road again after eight years in storage. I purchased this car while in high school 1954.

Filler up and check the oil. $.13 a gallon. That's highway robbery.

W0rk In Progress:

1922 Model T Touring Car 85% completed
Body work needed on touring car
Boddy work needed on touring car

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J.L. Flinchpaugh Publishing Co.
5002 Gene Field Road

# 14B
St. Joseph, MO 64506

Phone: 816-385-4133
E-mail: lflinch@stjoelive.com

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