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Political Platform

Proposed Non-Partisan

Political Platform

(1) Abolish the private and unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, fractional reserve banking and income taxes on people’s salaries.

(2) Stop meddling in the affairs of other nations. Bring our troops home immediately from Iraq, Afghanistan and the other military bases throughout the world because modern weapons and delivery systems make these bases obsolete.

(3) Uphold the Constitution by taking the power of declaring war away from the president and require Congress to approve all declarations of war, as provided for in our Constitution. The power to declare war is too much power for one person.

(4) Enact legislation to limit the influence of the thousands of lobbyists, by disallowing all former members of Congress and their staff, all former members of the Executive Branch and their staff, and all former judges at the Federal level and their staff from becoming lobbyists within ten years of their government service. Any individual that violates this statute will be prosecuted, fined and face possible imprisonment.

(5) Adopt a single subject Federal Law, similar to Missouri law, for all bills before Congress. No bill may contain more than one subject, which is to be expressed clearly in its title. This alone would eliminate the thousands of "ear mark" (pork) provisions attached to almost all the bills before Congress. The argument about whether the president should have the line item veto power would no longer be relevant. The simplicity of bills under this change would make it much easier for our representatives to vote intelligently, and the American public might even be able to understand the bills. The cost savings alone to the American tax payers would be enormous.

(6) Require presidential "Executive Orders" to be reviewed and approved or denied by Congress.

(7) Abolish unfair "Free Trade" agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT that send our jobs overseas. Adopt Fair Trade polices instead of Free Trade disasters.

(8) Abolish the "Patriot Act." (More accurately the Un Patriotic Act) The Patriot Act is more about taking away our freedoms than it is fighting terrorism.

(9) Require judges to inform jurors of their constitutional right to declare a law as unjust and not applicable to a particular case and that they can find a defendant “not guilty” for any reason. This is the final defense that Americans have from a possible tyrannical government, biased judge or an unjust law.

(10) Decriminalize the use of marijuana, cocaine and heroin and make these drugs available at a reasonable cost only to someone that has had a blood test that shows they are already addicted. We could then treat these "sick" individuals, rich and poor, and offer treatment rather than classifying them as criminals and institutionalizing them at a great cost to the taxpayer. The savings from not institutionalizing an addict would go a long way in paying for their treatment.

The benefits?


(a) No longer would these addicts need to commit crimes to support their habit.

(b) Taxpayers would save billions of dollars.

(c) It would remove the incentive to produce illicit drugs and eliminate all drug profits from terrorist organizations and rogue elements within our CIA that use drug profits to finance their clandestine operations.

(d) It would lessen the investment of illicit drug profits that artificially support Wall Street investments.

(e) One could then identify the real criminals.


There are only two ways to win "The War on Drugs;" (1) Convince all addicts and recreational users to stop-which isn't going to happen and (2) Make these drugs legal and treat users as "sick" and assist them in breaking the habit. Drugs like "Meth" should not be legalized.

This very controversial issue must be addressed and new solutions found so that we can once and for all win the “War on Drugs” before it destroys the entire world. The violence connected to the drug traffickers is now spreading to the United States. Cities like Phoenix, Arizona have had a huge increase in drug related crimes including beheadings, executions and kidnappings. What we are currently doing to win the "War on Drugs" isn't working and never will.

(11) Adopt a constitutional amendment establishing Congressional term limits. (12 years maximum) In order to assure that this measure would pass, it would be necessary to exempt the current representatives as long as they were continually re-elected. We would be better represented by short term representatives than life long professional politicians that are more easily controlled by the lobbyists.

(12) Prohibit the military industrial complex companies, the elite banking interests, the oil companies, and the Israeli lobby from dictating the United States foreign policy.

(13) Revise high school and college text books to include honest discussions of the Federal Reserve Banking System, fractional reserve banking, the origin of money, the history of the House of Rothschild banking interests and the part that Wall Street investment groups like the Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs and Blackstone have on our country’s monetary and foreign policies.

Include discussions of the “Council on Foreign Relations”, the “Bilderbergers”, The “Trilateral Commission” and the “International Monetary Fund.” Explain how members of these groups, which, by the way, are not elected, control the domestic and foreign policies of this country.

Explain the difference between a “Republic” form of government and a “Democracy” form of government. In 1787 at the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government had just been set up. He replied, "A Republic if you can keep it." It looks like Benjamin Franklin's concerns were correct. We weren't able to keep it.

Hopefully, some of our bright young students being taught the truth about our country's history will become future leaders and save us from a tyrannical federal government.

(14) Require corporations to allow their stockholders (excluding the CEO and Directors) to determine the salaries and bonuses of their CEO’s and directors.

(15) Pass legislation that makes it illegal for Wall Street investment companies to engage in “Las Vegas type investments" (gambling) such as derivatives and unnecessary commodity trading. Do not reward these companies with “bailouts” by giving them our tax money to reimburse them for their criminal activity, huge bonuses and poor management decisions.

(16) Do not allow the federal government to get involved in local law enforcement.

(17) The state National Guard is to protect the individual states—not police the world.

Repeal the Montgomery Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for 1987. This act states that a governor cannot withhold consent with regard to active duty outside the United States because of any objection to the location, purpose, type, or schedule of such duty. This unconstitutional law was challenged but was upheld by the Supreme Court—Perpich v. Department of Defense, 496 U.S. 334 (1990) As part of our “Checks and Balance” system, each state's governor should be in charged of when and where its own National Guard units will be deployed.

(18) Repeal the Global Anti-Semitic Review Act of 2004 that makes it illegal to criticize the country of Israel or individual Jews.

(19) Learn to make use of "Initiatives" and Referendums" (ballot measures or propositions) at the state level if your legislature fails to act in a responsible way.

Note: Prepare your own platform list and then pressure your representatives to make the necessary changes to cure our ailing nation. Make it clear that you intend to vote for only those candidates who support the majority of these issues.

Don’t be tricked by those who want you to believe that this is a battle between the Democrats' and the Republicans' ideologies. Regardless of your party affiliation, these are the issues that will continue to affect you, your children, your grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even their children. It is imperative that you address these issues and be a part of the movement for real change.


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