J.L. Flinchpaugh Publishing Co. 5002 Gene Field Road #14B St. Joseph, Missouri 64506
J.L. Flinchpaugh Publishing Co.       5002 Gene Field Road #14B St. Joseph, Missouri 64506
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      Saving America- TV Mini Series

Author and Screenplay writer, Larry Flinchpaugh, has written a    screen play based on his book-

                       Against All Odds-President Paul Ronan


Contact Larry at 816-676-2565 or email patriot@larryflinchpaugh.com

For film production rights.


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Saving America screenplay based on Larry Flinchpaugh;s book "Against All Odds- President Paul Ronan." .  (available on amazon.com books.)


The screenplay is a proposed mnimum five part TVseries.


Contact the author for a complemetary copy of the book and Part One of the screenplay for production rights.


Click on photo for a link to amazon.


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