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Live station is a platform for distributing live television and radio broadcasts over a data network. It was originally developed by Skinkers Ltd and is now an independent company called Livestation Ltd. The service was originally based on peer-to-peer technology acquired from Microsoft Between mid-June 2013 and mid-July Livestation was unavailable to some subscribers due to technical issues.

Livestation aggregates international news channels online and offers them in a number of ways:

• Free to watch: a number of channels can be watched for free on the Livestation website or on their desktop player, a freely downloadable video application that presents all the channels through one interface.

• Premium service: some of the free channels are also available on a subscription basis both in higher quality (800kbit/s) and in lower (256kbit/s) delivered via an international content distribution network for higher reliability. Some channels due to join the plaftform shortly will ONLY be available on a subscription basis.

• Mobile: Livestation has launched BBC World News on the iPhone in 16 European countries and Al Jazeera English globally. The apps are available in the iPhone AppStore and stream the live TV channel 24/7 on both Wi-Fi and 3G connections.
Livestation broadcast streams encoded in VC-1 format (Livestation is not currently using peer-to-peer). Playback controls are overlaid on top of the video stream. Unlike services such s Joost which offer video on demand channels, Livestation streams live broadcasts. (Wikipedia)

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