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Historical St. Joseph, Missouri

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(1) Historical Link to St. Joseph, Mo  youtube videos:


  Our Town 1954 Video preview of St. Joseph

  Flinchpaugh's Reptile Gardens, Zoo and Pet Shop 

  Larry's grandfather, 1939 Kirksville Movie.

  St. Joseph Parkway 

  Mt. Mora Cemetery Documentary

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(2) Historical Pictures of St. Joe -  Two of  Seven

Apple Blossom Parade 1947

Stuppy’s 1920’s-30’s

Hund and Eger 1923

D&G Restaurant

Car Barns c.1950’-60”s

Felix Street Looking East 1910

City Auditorium c. 1927

Trolley on Jules Street

Bartlette Park

9th Mitchell Street

13th Jules Street 1940’s-50’s

St. Francis Hotel

Wades Hamburgers

St. Joseph Avenue

London News 1861

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(3) Historical Pictures of St. Joe -  Three of  Seven


        Felix Street looking West 1925

        Snow White Drive In Restaurant 1950’s

        St. Joseph Country Club – Early Days

        Orpheum Theater

        12th Frederick St. Joseph c.1929-2014

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(4) Kansas City Flood 1951- Four of Seven

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(5) KFEQ  Radio and Tv History- Five of Seven

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(6) Flinchpaugh's Reptile Gardens and Zoo- Six of Seven

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(7) Vicky the Chimp-Seven of Seven

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