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Candidates Questionaire

Do you believe Israel exerts too much influence regarding the United States Middle East policies? If so, what steps would you take to reduce Israel’s lobbying efforts?


Do you believe the Federal Reserve System should be abolished and the United States Treasury Department be allowed to issue interest free treasury notes instead of interest bearing federal reserve notes ?


If you do not favor abolishing the Federal Reserve System, would you agree to halt the interest payments our government is required to pay for borrowing its own money?


Should the Federal Income Tax, which was started in 1913 at the same time as the Federal Reserve System, be abolished and replaced with a National sales tax?


Would you ask the IRS to quote the Federal Law that makes it legal for our government to collect taxes on our citizen’s salaries. If there is no such law would you support legislation to fix this problem once and for all?


Would you support legislation giving the President Line Item Veto power or support a bill that does not allow “Pork” provisions to be added that are not even related to the bill?


Do you think our government should concentrate on solving our own internal problems rather than attempting to solve the entire world’s problems?


Do you think the Federal Government should be involved in states education programs?


Would you favor legislation that requires the stock holders of a corporation to approve the salaries and benefit packages paid to the officers of the company?


Would you agree that anytime we send combat troops to another country, it must be approved by congress.


Would you support an independent study of the 9-11 attack to answer the questions raised by the conspiracy theorists?


Would you upport a Federal ID voting law ?


Do you think the CIA and FBI should be investigated by a congressional committee and reorganized with new people, procedures and rules of operation?


Since the War on Drugs has been lost and it appears that it cannot be won by conventional means, would you entertain some drastic measures to solve this monumental problem? Recognizing that the illegal drug profits help finance terrorist groups and provide money for all types of clandestine operations, possibly some within our own government; would you consider legislation that would provide drugs at a minimal cost to existing drug addicts? These people would have to have a physical exam to determine if they were in fact already addicted. These addicts could then be easily monitored and be treated as sick people instead of making criminals out them.


Would you support the legalization of cannabus? (Marijuana and Industrial Hemp)


Would you re-establish the “CRS” (Congressional Research Service) program of preparing reports analyzing Bills before Congress? Until just recently this group provided information to our Congress on “Pork” projects that were often times added to Bills that were being voted on in Congress.




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